Sunday, November 8, 2009


Friday morning we were able to plant flowers at my mom's house. She buys the flowers but is not able to put them in so we have planted them for her for the past 3 years. I am so glad Bob is patient with me because I am so difficult to get up and functional early in the morning (even on tennis days :) Of course, once we are going I am so happy we did. Mom was so thankful and the flowers will be beautiful this season, once again. Very rewarding service. Then we came home and cleaned up to go to Bob's daughters house. We were invited to attend grandparents day at the elementary school and had lunch with 4 of our grandkids at 3 different lunches. What fun! It was the highlight of the month for us. The added plus was spending time before lunch playing with two of the smaller grandkids at home. They are so much fun and give us such enjoyment. In the afternoon, my husband took me to see the Michael Jackson movie. YES, I am an MJ fan from years past and wanted to see the movie. We actually enjoyed it. Of course, we came home to the Suns game and it was awesome to see them top the Celtics at the Garden. GO SUNS!
Saturday morning we played tennis in the am with our group. That is always fun once I get over having to get out of bed so early. At ten I had an appointment at church for visiting teaching, then we picked up Bob's mom and took her to the football game of two of the grandsons. We enjoy being outdoors and watching the kids play. Saturday afternoon we did a bit of cleaning and getting ready for dinner with my family. Mom gave all of my siblings and us season tickets to Hale theater for Christmas the past couple of years. It is the best gift and occasionally we meet for dinner. This was the second time we have had them over. It is fun to be with the siblings and spouses in one place for dinner and then off the the play. It was "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" this time and a great evening, as always. Sunday is our favorite day to relax, go to church and enjoy each other in the quiet of our home.
I am hoping to post pics soon. Not good at that, but I am mainly trying to keep up on posting what's up!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A New Start, I hope! :)

Ok, so I have not done a thing on my blog for over a year. I still don't know much about this but have had requests for updates on Bob and I.

Today is a good day to start, but I will also go back in time and fill you in on some events since we have been married. Married!!!! I might add that this is a word I never thought I would find myself saying again, but I am soooooo happy with it now. Six weeks and it is good.
So, today, played tennis from 7 to 9 great to get up with my husband and drive to tennis together. A plus for sure. We came home and had breakfast....of course, Bob had to to mow the lawn first (he is always working on something) and then we got cleaned up. Off to Scottsdale to see my brother who has been in the hospital for 7 weeks. He got moved out of the ICU again today and was looking so much better. We enjoyed talking with him and seeing him smile through his breathing mask. I am happy that he is doing better. We then left there and went to the temple. What a breath of beauty in the middle of the day. I love going to the temple with my husband and friend. He knows so much and always has the answers to my questions when we are there. It was very nice. We also ran into Bob's daughter as we were walking in which was a pleasant surprise. After the temple we came home and changed clothes and went to see the MIchael Jackson film which I really wanted to see. Yes, I am a big MJ fan and even Bob enjoyed the film. What a talent MJ was. Afterwards we came home for a bit and worked in the garage. We then met up with Janet my sis, and got flowers to plant at mom's in the morning. Then B and I went to Joes BBQ for dinner. Yummmm. After we came home B worked in the garage some more......I did say he is always working, right. But, he always has time for me and my needs. We are such lovebirds it is crazy. I love it tho. We love to be together 24/7 and I think that is one of the many, many reasons we are good for each other. Well, that is my day. I hope to add some pics and keep up a daily entry of what is going on with us for you enquiring minds, who want to know. I will share. I love my life so grateful what I have. THE END.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pinetop Vacation

We have been in Pinetop since July 1st and have been loving every minute.   It started out actually that B came up on July 1 and checked into our condo.  I had car issues and was stuck in Gilbert until the evening of the 2nd but finally made it here.  We had to take both cars since we (mostly me ;) had so much stuff to bring for the 2 months we are here.  I arrived to find a beautiful bouquet of roses on the counter when  walked in (glad I came later, heehee) and there were pictures of B and I around the condo.  He left the master suite "pappa bed"  for me and he was all moved in and took the "momma bed".  We still have a vacant room with the "baby beds" in it for any visitors!! I filled my closet with clothes and shoes after may trips from the car.  I also had pics of us to put up....we think alike, yet we both brought different ones so that is cool.

We have done so much in the less than two weeks we have been here. Have golfed 3 times and been rained out of golf twice, bowled 3 times (today B had a 212, and 204, game!!! and my high was 183.  We play tennis 2-2 1/2 hours three days a week at the city park in Showlow with a group and have a guy here who has put us on his roster for his private court so that is awesome and fun for variety.  On Friday we went to Snowflake and attended a temple session which we plan on doing once a week.  There is a golf course that surrounds the temple so that will fit in nicely.  Of course, many trips to Sonic and Walmart.  We have almost finished reading book 8 of "The Work and the Glory" and hope to get through most of the final book # 9.  B has finished Thomas Jefferson story (after he read John Adams, and he is reading another book now.  I am reading a book about shoe addicts, perfect for me.  On Sunday we go to church which is a 4 mintute walk from the condo.  We love listening to the ipod with our Sunday music on it and B reads to me from the Ensign.  In the evenings if it is not raining, we take walks.  It is so pleasant.  We have had many thunderstorms and we just leave the windows and doors open and listen to that beautiful sound and we look out at the Pines.  We are eating well and healthy.  I am down 56 lbs but still have many to go. We also have had some yummy meals eating out.   

Oh, did I mention that this is the best vacation ever.  Forget a cruise!  I would spend my vacation $$ on this any day, especially in the Summer!

Well that pretty much sums up what we have done so far.  Hope to keep "journalizing" if not for any other reason than for myself.  

Oh, I joined Curves for two months while I am here.  It is only  a 5 minute drive from here and is a great way for me to fill in between tennis and golf.  I love it.  I am the youngest person in there too, so today I played 2 1/2 hours of tennis and then did 45 min at Curves and bowled 4 games.  So happy.   Then this evening I had a pedicure and nails done. is good. 
Hugs to all,

Will I ever....

I am just wondering if I will ever really be a blogger.  I think about it often, but when  I actually sit down to write, I forget my password or something dumb.  I usually have plenty to say.  Soon, I hope to get it together.  I enjoy reading the family and friends blogs and it helps me to keep in touch with them when we are not near each other. Hats off to all of you who actually "get er done".  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


B and I went to California for Mother's Day weekend.  It was very nice and relaxing and I got to see many friends. Friday when we got there I contacted my old Doctor and she was so happy to hear from me and so we were able to visit with her for about 45 minutes.  I love that.  She is a great physician as well as friend and I miss her.  That night B and I walked from the hotel and at at a nice little Italian place.  On Saturday we got up early and played 3 sets of tennis on the 7th floor rooftop tennis courts next to the hotel.  B let me win a couple of games....heehee. We had lunch and then went to a baptism and baby blessing of my best friend's grandchildren and many of my friends were there.  On Sunday we went to Agoura 1st Ward was which is always a big treat for me. Since Bob  was on his mission in that area many years ago :) and so we decided to drive north to see some of the places he remembered.  We stopped in Ventura, Santa Barbara and then went on to Solvang and walked around. It was very pleasant and enjoyable.   At that point we were only an hour away from San Luis Obispo, so we drove on up there to see mom and dad Williams.  I had not seen mom for about 6 years or dad for a couple so it was such a nice plus to our day.  They look incredible and I had many fond memories when walking thorough the house.    Holly and Glori and their families were there too and I was amazed at how the kids have all grown up so beautiful and sweet.  Fun times.  Needles to say, it was  long day and we got back to Woodland Hills at midnight. We got up Monday morning and took a walk around the block of the hotel before we left for the airport.  Glad to be home recooping now from a cold but getting ready to go and be gramma Jen in Albuquerque. 


My  newest grandsons are fighting to come into this world. Friday some labor started and a hospital visit was made but momma was able to go home to wait it out. They are ready but we want them to hang on a little longer.  As of today, they weigh 5 lb 9 oz and 6 lb 3 oz.  Momma is hanging in there too but can't move too well too fast!  Gramma Jen is packing bags to be ready to go.  Hold on Krissy!  Love you and your boys....all 4 of them! 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I started this page but didn't expect it to be "out there' yet.  My son added me to his blog list and well, you know how fast it multiplies.  I am still figuring it out and am waiting help from my professional.  I love reading other blogs and get great enjoyment from it.  I hope sometime I will get it together to add some interesting tidbits from my end.   As for now,  not much is new.